Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

June 13, 2009

I know the deadline is yesterday, but I just want to tell about the wedding ceremony that took place this afternoon. The ceremony started at 12pm but me and my friends went earlier to do last minute preparations and all. The decorations were beautiful (we were the ones who set it up, of course! :p). We wore our traditional clothes, ate our traditional food and had fun. I was busy with the rest doing serving, cleaning, taking pictures and so on. Most of the Hallians that are left in Melbourne came. It was fun fun fun!

It was like a big family gathering and I was glad that I had the chance to be a part of it. I saw the close connection that they have and it was very heartwarming since we are far away from our families, they are the only people that are near. They do really work together as one. There were no need to tell anyone to do this and that, they just know what to do next.  Right after the ceremony, we started doing the cleaning and re-organizing the tables and chairs. But a great thing happened. All the guests that were still there helped as well! The women helped with the dishes, the men helped with lifting and re-arranging the tables. Others cleaned the floor and little little stuffs. I felt like home. Then I realized how much I miss Malaysia. Oh well, at least I have them to turn to.

It’ll be great if I can upload few pictures but I didn’t have my camera with me today and I just used a friend’s camera. Guess I’d have to wait for her to transfer the pictures to me. Till then, byee!



June 12, 2009

Dralion was fantastic! I had a great time with my housemate. The performance was amazing and I can’t help but thought about a lot of things. How long do they practice for this? How on earth did they manage to do those things? Congratulations to the choreographers for the ideas and the formations. There were three other entertainers and they were so funny. One of them acted as an audience and they really got to us! But I wished the show lasted longer than 2 hours and a half. I didn’t get enough. But but, the confectioneries were very expensive! We bought a bottled water, popcorn and Twister. It cost us $16. 😦 Well, it was kind of worth it.

Now I’m heading to Malaysia Hall! Later!


June 12, 2009

I am getting ready for Cirque du Soleil. The show will start at 4pm today. I am excited and I really can’t wait to go and see them. Their theme is Dralion so I am expecting to see mixes of Asian flavours. What I am sure about is there are going to be dragons. Haha. Well, I will let you know the details soon. And of course not forgetting the preparation for the wedding tomorrow. I’ll be heading to Malaysia Hall right after the show. Probably won’t update the blog till late. But I hope I can make it before the deadline.


Cirque is the new pink!

June 11, 2009

dralionCirque Du Soleil

Today, I am going to see Cirque du Soleil! I can’t wait. Bought the ticket without second thought last week. I’ve always dreamed of going but never had the chance to because the ticket is expensive. Well, to me it is expensive. But last week, my friend was going crazy over her thesis and I was just browsing the website. I was looking at the seating (it was FULL) then I suddenly found two seats that were available. So I called my friend to come over and look at the screen. Suddenly she was like, “How much is the ticket? Okay, when? Buy it.” Gulp. I had little money in my account at that time but I didn’t say anything because I know how badly she wants to go. So, I just watched her do her magic. Magic as in booking the tickets. Haha. After that, I told her I didn’t have enough to pay (I did, it’s just that I had to pay for bills and all). Then she said I can pay later. Phew. What a relief.

Anyway, I really can’t wait for 4PM today. Hopefully it won’t rain. *crossing fingers*

* i wonder if there are documentary on these would be great if there is, rite? *wink*


June 11, 2009


Korean popular culture has found its way to attract fans from all over the world. I wouldn’t say that I’m a K-pop fan but I do watch their tv series once in a while and I’m quite obsessed with one Korean song. Haha. It’s amazing to see Asian artists like the Wonder Girls, for example, received so many support from all sorts of different fans. I was youtube-ing them and I saw this video on a competition where fans either sing that famous song, Nobody, or they do the dance routine. It was shocking to see that most of the participants were from the States. There were even boys! I was kind of left out on this part because the Wonder Girls was famous in 1999. I only got to know them a month ago and I am already singing their song as well as doing their dance steps! Oh, no. What has become of me? Hahaha.

But I guess, the girls have a package of cute sweet faces and they can dance but not singing. Their voice are not exactly award winning but they’ll do.  Look at their picture above. Guys go crazy over them and girls want to be like them. I don’t think the Korean craze will be over anytime soon. But whatever it is, this popular culture has made the whole nation go crazy over them. Even me (slightly). It will pass for sure but for now, let’s just embrace it. :p


June 11, 2009

I am an active blogger. I started blogging on May 2007. The first few months I wrote for the sake of expressing myself, jotting down my thoughts and feelings. But I was the only reader of my own blog. I put it on private because i didn’t want anyone else to read it. I was uncomfortable and wasn’t ready for others to read about my life. I was happy with that because I got to say what I want, without worrying if anyone would read and get mad or something. I didn’t even let my bestfriends know about it.

But soon, things changed. I changed the blog from private to public and I let one of my bestfriend read it. After that, I started to tell everyone else about it because I found out that they blog too. It was such a relief to know that your friends are doing the same thing as well. Soon, it became like a fashion statement. Each person has one. And we add in our links and commented on each others’ entries. Until now, my blog community is getting stronger. Now that I am here in Down Under, I use the blog to ‘report’ or tell them about my life over here and they do the same. That is how we communicate besides using Facebook.

If let say I wan to link my friends and I to a theory, I think the most suitable would be the social capital theory. We are both inclusive (bridging) and exclusive (bonding). We welcome anyone who wants to be linked to us, regardless of their age or gender. We love having more people reading our blogs. But we are at the same time exclusive because we are a bunch of Teslians. We have so much in common because we studied the same course for our bachelor degree. That’s what makes us special. We trust and respect each other. Offer help for those in need. Give support and encouragement when needed. We are special but we open ourselves to others as well.


June 11, 2009

After I read Blaze’s post, I freaked out! haha.Okay, so we have to have minimum post of 24 entries. And at the moment I have 19, plus this one. Uh-oh..I really have to start writing up.

This Saturday, a couple from the Hallians is getting married. The small ceremony will be held in Malaysia Hall at High Street. All Hallians that are left are invited to come and they are excited. It has been a while since they have an event at the hall. It is going to be a great one. So, the bride asked me to help her with the preparation on Friday night. Of course I agreed! A couple more people will also help and I can’t wait to meet them all. A get together like this can’t be missed. And I will see with my own eyes, the relationship between the Hallians. How they communicate, react and have fun with each other. I can take more pictures and upload them in Flickr. That would be just great! I hope the reception will go on well. Can’t wait to witness it!


June 10, 2009

I was there when it happened. Was on my way to Lt.Collins when the tram stopped at Bourke St. There were throngs of Indian students blocking the road. Trams on Bourke and Swanston could’nt get through. I on the other hand had to walk from Bourke to Lt.Collins. The crowd were too many and I was feeling a little bit scared. I had no idea why the Indian students were on strike that day. So, I moved on to my destination. And later that night, I was from the St. Vincent hospital heading to Lt. Collins at about 12am. As I reached Swanston, I saw the Indian students in front of Flinders Station. They were sitting on the road, no wonder there were no trams. My friend and I wanted to go home but seeing that, we had to walk to the City Bath and caught a tram from there to Melbourne Uni. From the uni, we took a taxi to Coburg. Because there were no trams left! Grr..

It was tiring, I must say..and I was quite angry because I was tired and wanted to go home asap but because of the demostration, trams were stuck. Upon reaching home, I got to thinking why did it happen and all. Then, I came up with a good idea to blog about it. The sort of community the Indians are. And I will talk about it in my next entry. =)

it’s been a while

June 5, 2009

I was and still am busy with my assignments. I didn’t realize how much work that I have to do! Plus, there’s this research proposal thing that is practically taking my whole week to finish (I’m not done with it yet). And the fact that I have to work, adding up to my stress level. On the other hand, I’m wondering how did it go with my documentary. I did something wrong and that is I forgot to delete the Twitter widget. I forgot all about it. I think that’s going to cost me a few marks. Sigh.


May 31, 2009

Though I’ve finished and submitted my doco, I still feel it’s..unfinished. Everybody else have videos or audios inserted in their doco. I don’t. Well, except the videos I borrowed from someone else. But that is different. I didn’t make my own videos. And I feel like I did it wrongly. I did do the best I can for the doco. At least, I think I did. I like everyone else’s docos. They’re great! Okay, I need to get over my paranoia. Move on. I still have two other assignments to submit next week.